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At Blueprint we know that if students have fun, they'll learn more and perform better. Much better, it turns out. Blueprint students average a practice exam score increase of 11 points, an amazing achievement on a test that is scored on a scale of 120-180. Our instructors have all scored a 170 or higher on an actual LSAT, and are all screened for LSAT knowledge, teaching skills, and winning personality. As the country’s largest LSAT-only company, we are able to stay on top of LSAT trends, update our curriculum, and offer the most advanced and up-to-date LSAT prep in the world.

We love partnering with student groups on college campuses and offering free educational seminars about the LSAT and law school. Any GW students considering taking the LSAT can use the code GWU100 for $100 off a Blueprint classroom course.






Every LSAT student is different, with different strengths, weaknesses, goal scores, and dream schools. That means every student has different needs. And that’s why Kaplan tailors your LSAT prep experience so you get the right instruction and the right practice at the right time for you.

Kaplan doesn’t do one-size-fits-all prep. On top of your core curriculum, you can attend live online, nightly classes on our exclusive livestream platform, The LSAT Channel. Crushing Logical Reasoning? Participate in an advanced lesson. Struggling with Hybrid Logic Games? Check out a foundations episode. And, all episodes are available on-demand so you can watch watever you want whenever you want.

With your study plan and personalized homework recommendations integrating every LSAT question ever released, you’ll always know where you stand AND specifically what to do next - by question type and level of difficulty. You'll learn how you need to improve to get the score you want.

GW students can enjoy personalized LSAT prep by using promo code GWU10 at for 10% off any In Person, Live Online, Self-Paced or Tutoring prep course.






At Manhattan Prep, we believe test prep should be real education—and a great teacher makes all the difference. Our instructors have all scored within the top 1% on the tests they teach, and they have the teaching experience to help you reach your highest potential. We strive to provide our students with curriculum based on real test questions, enjoyable classes, and critical thinking skills. With our comprehensive products and exceptional instructors, we'll teach you the skills you need to succeed on the test, in school, and beyond.

If you're considering law school, try one of our free trial LSAT or GRE classes to see if Manhattan Prep is the right fit for you. We also offer 10% off LSAT and GRE courses for undergrads—set yourself up for success






Strategy Prep focuses solely on the LSAT. Ben Olson, who started Strategy Prep, scored a 176 and graduated from GW Law School. Ben has been teaching the LSAT full-time for the last ten years. 

Our students rave about how Ben’s teaching style makes the grueling process surprisingly enjoyable. Students recommend Ben because his teaching methods help them break down the test and give them the tools that they need to improve their score. We create all our materials using official LSAT questions. We are constantly updating and tweaking our materials based on new LSAT trends and student feedback. Students receive packets catered to each type of LSAT question, as well as books containing official practice LSATs.

Just a heads up—both our 100-hour and 40-hour classes tend to fill up. So if you're interested, we encourage you at least to reserve your seat on our website ( for $100.







TestMasters offers the finest and most comprehensive LSAT preparation in the world. Created by Robin Singh, the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores, TestMasters’ live and online courses give you everything you need to crush the LSAT. Our state-of-the-art online resources include 160 hours of video instruction, digital practice tests in both the standard five-section and LSAT-Flex formats, over 9500 authentic LSAT questions, thousands of high-quality written explanations, and 24/7 academic support from expert instructors with official LSAT scores ranging from 170 to 180. TestMasters has helped countless students achieve double-digit score increases and over one thousand GW students have taken our course!


TestMasters offers GW students/alumni a $300 discount on the live course and a $100 discount on the online course. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]